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Alora Factor Cover Reveal!

Ta-da! Isn't she gorgeous? I'm obsessed!

I can't tell you what a struggle it was to get here. You'd think writing a four page brief with references images would have got me close to this, but no. I have decent design skills - just enough to be dangerous, but also enough to relay my ideas more clearly. So that's what I did. Getting my ideas out of my head and into Photoshop made all the difference with this. Here's what I came up with originally:

Once I had that, I turned my files over to Damon Freeman at Damonza. He has a cover improvement service that I came across after seeing another of his covers floating around in a group I'm a part of. He took basic to wow and I'm forever grateful.

We're two weeks away from the official publish date and I'm so excited. Stay tuned because there's definitely more to come!

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